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July 22, 2024
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7 months
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ICF is the largest and most recognised coaching federation in the world

This training with us is both cheaper and faster than any of the official representatives😊

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"Professional coach of international level"!
Before the start:

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The course should be placed in the ICF accredited program catalog with Level 2 accreditation here
What does our training on internationally recognized ICF standards provide?
The certificate from the school teaching NOT according to international standards gives a perspective:

❌you won't be able to work officially
❌you will not be able to cooperate with companies in your country and with corporations in the USA, Sweden, France, etc.
❌all you have to do is look for customers on Instagram and work in the "gray" zone
❌you will have the risk of harming the client by violating the International Code of Ethics
The certificate from the school of training according to international standards gives a perspective:

Obtain an official work permit
✅ The opportunity to work as a coach in companies,In any country in the world
✅ Work on stock exchanges as a coach freelancer (where they take only with international certification)
✅ Clearly know when the client needs to be transferred to a psychotherapist and not harm people
It's not so important to GET a coach certificate, as WHAT will the certificate be?
Take the workshop for free, find out if coaching is right for you and get a discount on tuition.
What questions do we close for our students:
Very quickly start working and earn as a helping specialist - after 7 months of training, after obtaining ICF coach certification - coaches get more than any other specialists of helping professions
Get the official right to work as a helping specialist for psychologists who have gone abroad mentors, coaches, mentors without internationally recognized certification

To work not just as an "coach on Instagram", but also to cooperate with large companies as an internal coach, as well as to work on coaching freelance exchanges where only ICF certified coaches are taken
Become a part of the professional community, a member of the ICF federation, be a recognized specialist even when moving to another country, be protected by law

How is the training going?
"International Professional Coach"?

Training program:

Module 1: The art of a professional coach: 8 competencies of a professional coach
  • When the coach is obliged to refer the client to other specialists.
  • How to build a trusting and stable relationship with the client.
  • How to hear between the client's words
  • How to awaken and develop the client's awareness.
  • How to help clients in their development and achievement of goals.
  • Basic principles of the ICF Coaching Code of Ethics
  • How to respect confidentiality, how to work within the legal framework, how to work in a tripartite contract.
Module 2. Secrets of long-term work with the clients
  • How to structure a coaching session.
  • A holistic manifestation of all competencies.
  • How to develop a coaching mindset.
  • How to conduct effective introductory (first) sessions with a client.
  • How to work not one-time, but long-term.
  • What to do if the client has no result/the result is different/the result is faster than expected?
  • Where is the coachee's area of responsibility and where is the client's area of responsibility.
Module 3: The Art of Depth Coaching: Feelings, Internal Conflicts and Beliefs
  • How to work with emotions in a coaching approach.
  • How to work with feelings in a coaching approach.
  • How to resolve clients' internal conflicts in the coaching approach.
  • How to work with beliefs in a coaching approach.
  • How to refuse, conflict and set boundaries with clients.
  • How to deal with client's request at ACC/PCC/MCC levels.
Module 4: Career and Business Coaching: Strategies for Success
  • 5 strategies for monetizing coaching activities
  • How to create and develop a successful coaching business.
  • Career options for coaches in employment and freelancing.
  • How to sell coaching services.
  • Scripts and step-by-step instructions.
Module 5. Pathway to Certification: Mastery of Competencies and Examination
  • How to pass an exam session successfully.
  • The difference between competence and competency.
  • An in-depth look at the work of an ICF coach.
  • Preparing for the simulation test exam.
We use the American Training System 🤗🔥
Be our student!
Here's what our students have to say about it:
"How I got high on learning."
Nina Kopyl,
ECU graduate
"'On how learning is exciting."
Maria Fedorova,
ECU graduate
"About the team."
ECU graduate

Training format

With us, you don't have to sit
over the books
Practicing demonstration sessions and supervisions
We conduct group and individual
Practicing under supervision
Taking simulator tests
In class, we do role-playing activities
100% of our training is in person with trainers and colleagues, no recorded videos
How rapidly will you recoup your investment?
1 month
3 months
6 months
8 months
10 months
12 months
Already during the training, our students have paid sessions. The cost of your session grows with experience
Find out how much you can make from coaching
What will happen to you after training with us?
What are the prospects for the coaching profession?
We don't train like a conveyor belt, we train professionals with whom we can cooperate :)
We employ in our team
We create joint commercial projects with our graduates
The certificate opens opportunities to cooperate with companies in the USA, England and other countries
We teach immediately what is taught in the Master Course (coaches with over 2,500 hours of practice experience)
From the 3rd month of training we give practice with real clients
We teach how to find a job and how to build a coaching business
Our students' experience
The following review could be yours !
"'Realized that this was going to be my main activity.'"
" Got a tool to make money "
Diane Stankiewicz,
ECU graduate
Nina Kopyl,
ECU graduate
Master the techniques of working with targets and expand the client base
Team and project leader, manager
Improve the effectiveness of your team through coaching skills
You want to learn a new profession
This program is right for you if you ....
Will the program work for you?
Work anywhere in the world and earn decent money
A coach without
Obtain official work authorization in the USA and Europe. Master the "gold standard" of coaching
Trainer, psychologist, consultant
Mommy's on maternity leave
Learn a new profession, find a balance between family and career
You want to improve relationships
Become sensitive, empathic, caring; learn to move beyond conflict; better understand your needs and the needs of others
Take the test
"Are you ready to be a coach?"
and get an instant answer on whether this profession is right for you.
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Learning through our students' eyes
The following review could be yours !
"About space
and support."
"On University Opportunity and Flexibility"
Aliya Qaraqozha,
ECU graduate
Marina T,
ECU graduate

Author of the program and CEO of the university

Arina Tserkovnaya
Master Certified Coach (MCC) ICF
Program Author, Trainer, Mentor, Methodologist, Assessor
Master Certified MCC ICF Mentor-Coach, Mentor-Coach, Assessor

Number of hours of practice according to ICF (USA) standards:
🕐 Coaching - 3000+
🕑 Mentoring practice - 900+

Founder of European Coaching University, methodologist, supervisor, trainer


1) Long-term leadership coaching: CEOs and TOP managers of companies, with a focus on unlocking potential during uncertainty, crisis, market transformation

2) Coaching of professional and personal self-determination
CEO European Coaching University

Team of trainers

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF
Trainer, Mentor, Observer
Alina Koval
All our coaches are ICF certified coaches at PCC and MCC level, leading experts in their respective fields
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF
Trainer, Mentor, Supervisor
Valentina Pererva
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF
Trainer, Supervisor
Elena Kysel
Take a free workshop, find out if coaching is right for you
and get a discount on training
The program has the highest accreditation available for training from scratch from the International Coaching Federation
Level 2 ICF

How to become a student

Selection: Pass the entrance interview
Registration: sign a contract, pay tuition, get accesses
Education: Welcome!
If you pay tariff 1 in one payment - a 15%🎁 discount

Costs and terms of education

I am a Professional Coach

2 960$
2 310$
Full program fee
Full program fee
Monthly by 7 installments
Monthly by 7 installments

I am a Professional Coach and Businessman

Complete support from start to obtaining international coaching certification in 7 months.
Complete support from zero to obtaining international coaching certification in 7 months + assistance in building a coaching business.
35 workshops
7 group mentoring sessions
6 observed group meetings
6 observed individual meetings
3 individual mentoring
6 testing
4 demo sessions
9 "practice in triplets" meetings
2 supervisions
assistance in applying for an ICF license
35 workshops
7 group mentoring sessions
6 observed group meetings
6 observed individual meetings
3 individual mentoring
6 testing
4 demo sessions
9 "practice in triplets" meetings
2 supervisions
assistance in applying for ICF license
personal work with the founder of the University (2 mentoring/personal consultations)
assistance in creating a coaching business (2 face-to-face coaching sessions)
At the NBU exchange rate on the day of payment
At the NBU exchange rate on the day of payment
1 960$
When paying by 1 payment 15% discount
When paying by 1 payment 13% discount
2 560$
Early Booking:
Complete an admissions interview and pay your fees by June 8
and receive $150 in free tuition
You can still make it to the course
"International Professional Coaching"!
Before the start:
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We have the lowest price for this level of training (Level 2 ICF) in Russian language
If you find cheaper, we will train you at the price you found 😊
If you don't like it, don't pay
We will refund your money at any time if you don't like the training👌
Bonuses for you🎁
access to the community with additional training and professional support from trainers and colleagues
access to a year's worth of course recordings

This is what your certificate will look like after successfully passing the exam

Learn ways for a coach to make good money without deception and manipulation
Watch an open coaching session on international standards from an ECU coach
Take a free workshop, find out if coaching is right for you
and get a discount on training


Yes. You can pay on a monthly basis, as long as you sign an individual contract with an agreed upon payment schedule.
I am here to help you open your heart and expand your mind.
To see your greatness and take advantage of it.
Arina Tserkovnaya (ECU founder)
Our values
  • Mutual support
    We are all connected to each other like organs in one body. Mutual support allows everyone to discover their most creative and good sides.
  • Honesty and responsibility
    Two virtues without which a person cannot be an Adult.
  • Non-violence
    The ability to see the greatness of the other and allow him to be different without changing him is wisdom. In other words, Love :)
  • Truth seaking
    When a person is able to accommodate not only "His" truth, but also the "truths" of everyone else, he begins to see how the world works, becomes clearer, awakened. Only then is he able to begin to awaken others.
We also have a social outlook that we share:

We are against Russia's invasion of Ukraine and support both the AFU and all citizens of Ukraine in these difficult times.

By agreeing to study with us, you confirm that you are in solidarity with us in wanting to stop the war in Ukraine and that you do not support the Russian army in any way in this war.

Have a free session with our student within the framework of the volunteer project of coaching support to Ukrainians Simply.Support.Ukraine
What is our strength?
We get high off of having....
warm/soulful community
an engaging gamified format and constant hooligan creativity
high professionalism - US standards